Introducing New Zealand’s Leading EVSE – JuiceBox 32

  • Single or 3 Phase Installation 7 – 22kW
  • 4M Cable with Type 2 Connector
  • Load sharing
  • Smart Grid Enabled
  • WiFi Enabled with App

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JuicePoint Smart Grid

At JuicePoint we are going beyond the EV Charger. JuicePoint can also offer Solar Photo-voltaic (PV) designs with optional batteries and EV Charging integration. We can deliver with our sharp panel and inverter prices, Paladin solar diverter and our independent design service offering a leading return on your investment. 


What is the Smart Grid?

The smart grid is about an electricity supply network that uses digital communications technology to detect and react to local changes in usage.

Charging an EV at home at 32 Amps or 7.2kW is equivalent to running 3 heaters on maximum power. This is over half of a home’s continuous rated power. JuiceBoxes measure EV charging loads and have a load sharing feature, which is required to charge more than one EV at home. Having EV owners come home and start charging at the 6PM peak is not healthy for our power grid or our wallets. There is enough power and capacity in our grid if we use it wisely and charge at night. JuiceBoxes have smart timers to charge off peak and can work off spot price plans. Paladin maximizes the self consumption of generated solar power by heating your hot water and directing excess solar to other loads like spa pools and our JuiceBox EV chargers, rather than sell it cheaply back to the grid.  

We are reducing our environmental footprint with CarbonClick

JuicePoint offers customers the ability to offset their purchase with CarbonClick

COVID-19 Update. JuicePoint Online

As our customers include Electricity Supply Companies, Malls, Waste Collection & Disposal, Transport and Essential Services companies.essential service (as defined by the Ministry of Health), JuicePoint remains open online for business as part of the supply chain...

Worksafe Electric Vehicle Charging Update

Worksafe have posted an addendum to their 2nd edition electric vehicle charging guidelines.

Emotorwerks is now Enel X

JuicePoint's supplier of the JuiceBoxes, Emotorwerks, is re-branding to Enel X. In 2017, the Enel Group, one of the world’s largest energy companies and a leader in renewable energy and smart energy technologies, purchased eMotorWerks, the North American leader in...

WorkSafe EV Charging Guidelines Updated

WorkSafe has now released the 2nd Edition of the EV Charging Guidelines.  You will see that WorkSafe have updated the references to Standards, simplified the requirements, and consolidated the guide into a single document. Please download from WorkSafe's Website....

Body Corporate Chairs’ Group Presentation

JuicePoint's Nick Murray and Grant Crawshay were pleased to be invited by the Body Corporate Chairs' Group to present and be members of a forum on Electric Vehicle implications for body corps as part of their AGM in Auckland on July 26th 2018. Please download the...

JuicePoint Attends EVRoam Launch

JuicePoint's Nick Murray and Grant Crawshay attended today's Launch of EVRoam, an online database of public EV charging locations around New Zealand. Today’s launch by Associate Minister of Transport Julie Anne Genter is being hailed as a world leading...

JuicePoint at Drive Electric Event

Grant Crawshay and Nick Murray attended the Drive Electric's launch of its whitepaper  Building an Electric Fleet: a ‘How-to’ Guide for Businesses Considering Transitioning to Electric Vehicles on the 29th of May.  It was great meeting people interested and working to...

EV Adoption Ahead of Target in NZ

At the end of June 2018, the total number of EV's on the road in New Zealand is 8025, meeting 2018's target in only 5 months. The forecast was based on a doubling of EV numbers every year to 64,000 in 2021. With recent petrol price and tax rises from July, the...

JuicePoint at FMANZ

Our partners Test and Tag had a stand at FMANZ Facilities Management Association of New Zealand show, and were promoting their new EVSE testing service. Test and Tag invited JuicePoint to display a JuiceBox at their stand.