Annual EVSE Inspections

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Worksafe Electric Vehicle Charging Guidelines require annual safety inspections of your workplace or pubic chargers.

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Worksafe Electric Vehicle Charging Guidelines require you to verify annually that your charger is safe to operate for public or workplace EV Chargers.

Please note that our Electrical Inspector operates on a calendar, please request a quote so we can advise when the inspector is available.

If you are experiencing any issues with the charger as we can get our trained inspector to assist with the issue. 

Why should you perform an annual inspection? Our inspector has found EV Chargers with the following safety hazards:

  • Non compliant installations
  • No isolating switch fitted
  • Exposed wiring
  • Faulty RCDs
  • Wrong type of RCDs fitted
  • Cables damaged by vehicles
  • Cables damaged by users twisting them up like telephone cords

For more information please see our knowledge base article:

Do I require my EVSE to be annually inspected and be tagged?