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Vehicle Not Charging Troubleshooting

The JuiceCord and JuiceBox has extensive diagnostics on start-up, it will give a beep message and not charge if there is a problem. Power off the charger for 1 minute and back on to reset the charger. 

If the charger is not the issue, investigate the EV.

  • Check Time of Use / Scheduled timer has not been enabled. A Nissan LEAF has an immediate Charge button that looks like the image to the right. 
  • Most EVs have an ancillary 12V battery for powering vital vehicle systems independent of the main motor battery. Just like your old ICE vehicle, this battery may require maintenance. 
    • In the case of a Nissan LEAF, can you open the car with the button on the door handle or using the the key fob? If you can’t, this indicates a flat or tired 12V battery. Check that and charge if necessary. This battery powers the locks and is required to power the electronics and signaling to begin charging. Note EVSEs don’t force power at the vehicle, the vehicle has to negotiate and request power from the EVSE. One customer has replaced two ancillary batteries in their LEAF in 2 years. 
  • When you turn the LEAF on what is the remaining km (range) displayed?
  • What  is the “state of health” of the battery? In a Nissan LEAF, 12 bars indicators a good battery. A battery at 7 or lower bars will often not charge as it needs a higher current than 8 amps that can supplied from plug in charger. 
  • What’s the time on the dash clock and the center console clock?
  • What are the messages shown on the dash when turned on? Use Google Translate (smartphone app) which can use the camera to translate and display messages in English.
  • Note some imported vehicles have time of use enabled that only allows charging at off-peak rates, for the time of their home country (Japan is 3 hours behind NZST). This clock and hours may need to be adjusted for New Zealand time. Test by trying to charge at different times of the day. 
  • If the cable has a T1 connector, the latch may be bent. Please refer here for more information. 
  • We have seen some issues with faults in Nissan LEAF’s onboard charger. Our chargers implement the full J1772 charging protocol. Some chargers may not and still charge EVs with faulty signaling circuits.
  • Does the EV charge on other chargers, and or different locations?

Example Nissan LEAF:

If the timer is set on a Nissan LEAF the LEDs on the dash will turn on in the order below.

Image Credit: 2012 Nissan LEAF Manual

Refer to the owners manual on how to disable or reset the charging timer. 

Example Hyundai Ioniq:

Hyundai Ioniq Charge Timer Activation

Hyundai Ioniq Charge Timer Activation


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