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Relevant NZ Standards and WorkSafe Requirements

WorkSafe have published the 2nd Edition 5th May 2019 of their electric vehicle guidelines on their website.

When choosing an EVSE, there are many standards that may be listed. For New Zealand, the relevant standards for a Mode 3 AC charger is compliance with IEC 61851-1 and IEC 61851-22

The standard for a Mode 2 IC-CPD is IEC 62572. 

Note the WorkSafe guideline 1.4 (c) which is an additional safety protection, not included in the current IEC 61851 standard, states:

1.4 (c) include an earth continuity monitoring system that interrupts the supply in the event that the earthing connection to the vehicle becomes ineffective (this monitoring system should provide a fail-safe earth continuity monitoring system)

Note: The earth monitoring is included as a safety feature reflecting New Zealand’s rather poor earthing integrity, and exceeds International Standards.  However, it is proposed for the next edition of IEC 61851 standard. Any EVSE used for public charging will fail the annual periodic inspection if tested. At present, the JuiceBox and Tritium are the only units tested that pass.  No other supplier has publicly available information on their websites that claim they satisfy this important safety feature. We have feedback from an Electrical Safety Inspector confirming that this feature is not present or does not work in competitor’s units.

WorkSafe requires equipment for public charging to be inspected and tagged every 12 months following installation to ensure it continues to meet safety requirements. The Health and Safety at Work Act requires a person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) to take every reasonable step to ensure user safety. JuicePoint Tritium Rapid Chargers and JuiceBox EVSEs are passing and have multiple entries in the WorkSafe High Risk Database.

JuicePoint EVSE for Sale in New Zealand

The JuiceBox 32 and JuiceBox 40 complies with these standards and the WorkSafe 1.4 (c) guideline.

Refer to JuiceBox 32 Specifications and JuiceBox 40 specifications.




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