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JuiceJ T2 to T1

This product is no longer available.

JuiceBox JuiceJ T2 to T1 flyer

The JuiceJ is a Type 2 to Type 1 (T2 to T1) fitting approved for use with JuiceBox 40 and JuiceBox 32. 

It allows a T1 car such as a Nissan LEAF to charge off a JuiceBox’s tethered Type 2 cable. 

Why is the JuiceJ called a fitting?

Its a fitting as defined under the electrical regulations, as its not a cable adapter. However most people would commonly refer to the JuiceJ as a T2 to T1 socket adapter (as part of the Electric Vehicle not the EVSE).


Not Compatible with:

  • BMW i3 (Japanese version with T1 socket in Frunk).

This product is no longer available.

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