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The JuiceCord is no longer available and are out of warranty. Please note this unit is only IP54, so please use indoors and don’t get it wet. We also don’t recommended using them with a generator for vehicle recovery. 

We are able to service faulty units if the enclosure and cable is good condition. We cannot replace the enclosure (as they are obsolete and we have no spares left) – please take the time to inspect your enclosure for cracks. If there are cracks in the enclosure we cannot repair.

Please contact us for service information using from below. 

Please see our article Choosing a Nissan LEAF Charger to use for Day to Day Use


JuiceCord Manual

First of all, thank you very much for purchasing your JuiceCord! We really appreciate your support. Every purchase helps us move towards our ultimate goal – elimination of the Charging Infrastructure barrier for EV adoption.
The following instructions are meant to be a quick start guide after you unpack your JuiceCord – if you have any additional questions, please fill in the support ticket below. 

1. Your package should include your JuiceCord 8 amp EV Charger. The cable is 7 (5 + 2) meters long.
2. Simply plug the 3 pin plug into any standard 10 amp socket, switch on and you are ready to go. You will notice the input cable light will illuminate when the mains power is switched on.

Do not use an extension cable. Do not use outdoors. Do not use in direct sunlight. 

3. When you plug the charge handle into your car, your EV should click to signal charge start – the JuiceCord should click soon after, and charge will begin. That’s all there is to it! You will notice the second output cable light will illuminate once the car starts charging. The car will automatically shut off the JuiceCord when charging is complete, and start it again the next time it’s needed.

Your JuiceCord will be shipped configured for 8A operation. Your EV will automatically select 8 Amps or less. Your JuiceCord can be configured for less via the web/smartphone app. Generally the lowest setting is 6 amps for most EVs. You may choose to select this low 6 amp setting if the wiring in a house is very old.

JuiceCord WiFi Setup

JuiceCord uses JuiceNet – the same app and service as our JuiceBox EV chargers. 

For the latest WiFi Setup instructions please refer here.

Connecting your JuiceCord to the Internet You will have about 2 minutes to perform the steps below:

  • Power up your JuiceCord. If your JuiceCord was powered on for more than 30 seconds, power-cycle it (turn off, wait for 15-20 seconds, switch back on).
  • On your PC / smartphone, find ‘JuiceCord’ WiFi network. For the WPA2 password, use: GoElectric.
  • Open a browser on that device and go to setup.com to join your home network.
  • Select your network, enter your password, and connect.
  • JuiceCord is online as soon as your server times out.

JuiceCord Specifications

Technical Description

Output Power (max.)
• 8A, 1.9 kW (20A, 4.8 kW for US market)
• 200-240 VAC, single phase (100-240 VAC for US market)

Input Cable & Plug
• 2 metre input cable 230 volt 3-pin domestic NZ plug (options for US market)

Output Cable & Connector
• 5 metre standard length SAE J1772 (Type1) or IEC Type2 plug (EV end) – specify on order
• Overall length from plug to EV > 7 metres
• extension cables and adapters available

EV JuiceNet App
• Time of use charging
• Android or iPhone applications available (free) from Google Play or Apple App Store
• 10 automatic email notifications
• Add distance, % or kWh options functions, vehicle and garage pre-sets
• Usage and history (utility class metering) – download usage as Excel file
• Web-based portal for desktop access with status, graphs, time of use settings
• SmartGrid and Solar PV enabled
• Applications Programming Interface (API) available

WiFi Network Connectivity
• Built-in WiFi connectivity, with easy setup (QuickStart documentation provided)
• Compatible with entire JuiceBox, JuiceCord and JuicePlug range (reporting and load sharing)

Product Dimensions
• 250 x 80 x 50 mm (L, W, H – main enclosure)

Shipping Dimensions
• 1 unit approx. 340mm diameter x 70mm high
• 6 units fit into a DHL jumbo Box 49 x 44 x 36 cm

• 2.9 kg fully equipped (with cables but without packing)
• 21 kg for 6 units with packing and Jumbo Box

• All components CE, NEMA, and SAE compliant. Enclosure IP54 weather resistant
• Registered AS / NZS 4417 compliant (c-tick)



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