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User Manual

Please view the online manual for the JuiceBox 32. 

Please note the following differences between a JuiceBox 40 and JuiceBox 32 are listed here.

Error Beep Codes

For 2018 JuiceBox 40’s please refer to the JuiceBox 32 Manual – The buzzer beeps to  indicate errors. 

For 2017 and older JuiceBox 40s please refer to troubleshooting error beep codes.

Wiring Diagram

The JuiceBox 40 comes with a 30cm input lead with the following terminations:


Red Black White Green/Yellow



Not connected. Isolate and terminate.


If this lead is too short, an electrician can extend the cable following the instructions below:

Swapping Input Power Cable

You will need:

  • The appropriate length of 32A continuous rated single phase cable.
  • A 4mm ring crimp for the Earth.
  • Two Ferrules for the connection to the output relay.
  1. Unscrew lid.
  2.  Loosen Input Cable Gland.
  3. Remove cable from Relay and Earth Stud
  4. Replace with new cable.
  5. Verify earth is connected. 
  6. Tighten cable gland and make sure cable is restrained.
  7.  Replace Lid. Make sure seal is seated properly in lid and screws are tight and the lid is properly sealed. Internal water damage is not covered under warranty. 
  8. Power up and test. 


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