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JuiceBox 32 vs JuiceBox 40

What are the differences between the JuiceBox 32 and JuiceBox 40?

Feature JuiceBox 32 JuiceBox 40

Single Phase 32A OR
Three Phase

Single Phase 32A

Input Cable Lead


30cm – Can be rewired by electrician. 

Maximum Power

7.4kW – Single Phase Input
22kW – 3 Phase Input

LED Indicators – Power, WiFi, Charging  Yes No
Type 1 Connector and Cable option

We recommend the JuiceJ to charge Type 1 EVs. 


The buzzer beeps to  indicate errors. 

The LED indicators flash to indicate errors. 

For 2018 JuiceBox 40’s please refer to The buzzer beeps to  indicate errors. 

For 2017 and older JuiceBox 40s please refer to troubleshooting error beep codes.

Cost More Less
Recommendations Best for apartments, work places, commercial and public charging. Best for Home (unless home has 3 phase supply).


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