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Output Power (max.)

  • Output power adjustable via app (JuiceNet)  from 6 to 32A. 
  • JuiceNet AI Circuit Load Sharing – configure 2 or more JuiceBox charging stations to never exceed the limit of your electrical supply circuit.
  •  3-phase Mains Supply:
    • 22kW, (max for 32A).
  •  Single Phase  Mains Supply:
    • 7.4kW (max for 32A).

Input Voltage and Current

  • 230 VAC (single-phase) and 400 VAC (3-phase), 50 Hz.
  • Up to 32 A input current.

Input Cable

  • 5 core 13mm2 flex cable.
  • 1 m standard length.

Output Cable & Connector

  • 4m or 7m length.
  • Type 2 Standard EV Charging Plug.

Enclosure and


  • Mode 3, hard wired, installation by registered electrician.
  • IP66, weather and water-proof. No additional rain protection required. Suitable for outdoor mounting, fully exposed to the elements, but not exposed to direct sunlight. See the JuiceBox take the ice-bucket test.
  • Reinforced aluminium construction with security screws.
  • Wall (bracket included) or Pedestal mounting.
  • T2 Holster Included
  • NOT INCLUDED: Cable Hook. Suggestion – Zenith SureHook Garage U Hook 15/30kg Black Large

EV JuiceBox App


  • Built-in WiFi connectivity (2.4 GHz), easy setup. Access to site WiFi required for load sharing and authentication.

LED Indicators

  • Power.
  • WiFi connectivity and
  • Charging status.

Product Dimensions

  •  25 x 15 x 9 cm, not including cabling.

Shipping Dimensions

  • 46 x 42x 20 cm, dual-walled box.

Unit Weight

  • 9 kg fully equipped.

Safety Features

  • Internal fast 20 mA Type AC RCD, requires external 30 mA RCD as per local regulations. This reduces the likelihood of the external supply RCD tripping under fault conditions.  
  • Thermal protection sensor, operation to +70C.
  • Complies with WorkSafe guidelines (May 2019) including section 1.4c.


  • CE marked.
  • EN 61851-1, EN 61851-22, EN 62196.
  • LVD 2014/35/EU, EMC 2014/30/EU, RED 2014/53/EU.
  • OLEV registered.
  • Compliant with current New Zealand and Australian regulations.

Operating Conditions

  • -30C to +40C; humidity up to 100% non-condensing.


  • 3 years – Refer below. 


  • Must be installed by a registered electrical installer.


  • Made in USA from domestic and imported parts.


Warranty Information

This warranty is extended by ElectricMotorWerks,Inc.to original purchasers of JuiceBoxEV Charging Stations.

ElectricMotorWerks,Inc. warrants that this product is free from defects in materials for a period of 3 years and free from defects in workmanship under normal use for a period of 3 years from the date of purchase. No agent, employee, or representative of ElectricMotorWerks,Inc. has any authority to affirm,represent or warrant any thing concerning JuiceBox EV Charging Stations, except for the affirmation and representation, which is specifically included within this warranty.

This warranty will not apply if the product has been misused, abused, or altered.The warranty will apply only if the product is defective. ElectricMotorWerks,Inc.shall make the final decision,in fairness to all concerned,as to the legitimacy of any such claim on this warranty.

Upon discovery of any defective JuiceBox, please contact JuicePoint and fill out a support ticket. Defective units are to be returned to JuicePoint. JuicePoint does not offer free onsite support. 


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