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Acronym  Description
BEV Battery Electric Vehicle (eg Nissan LEAF, Tesla)
c/kWh Cents per kilo Watt hour. What you pay in cents for a 1000 Watts of energy over one hour. You will find this number on your power bill. 
kWh Kilo Watt hour. 1000 watts of energy over one hour. Running a 2kW heater for one hour will consume 2kWh of energy. 
MW Mega Watts – 1000 kW.
kW Kilo Watts – 1000 Watts of energy. Used day to day. For example a 2kW heater.  
EECA Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority 
ENA Electricity Network Association
ETS Emissions Trading Scheme
EV Electric Vehicle (used as a generic term to refer to BEVs and PHEVs)
EVSE Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment commonly referred to as the charger. 
FCV Fuel Cell Vehicle – usually Hydrogen powered. 
HEV Hybrid Electric Vehicle (eg current Toyota Prius)
ICE / ICEV Internal Combustion Engine Vehicle or ICE (refers to petrol & diesel vehicles). 
IEA International Energy Agency
MED Ministry of Economic Development
MfE Ministry for the Environment
MoT Ministry of Transport
PHEV Plug-in-Hybrid Electric Vehicle (eg Mitsubishi Outlander)
RUC Road User Charge
V2G Vehicle to Grid
VIN Vehicle Identification Number

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