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Features and Benefits of using a JuiceBox 32

  1. Minimum charge times to suit your Electric Vehicle.
  2. You can leave your 8A portable charger in the Electric Vehicle in it’s bag (it’s intended as a “jerry can” or “get out of jail”). Then you won’t forget to put it back into the car, and have the hassle of taking it in and out and wrecking it, running it with an extension cable (which is forbidden) or out in the rain and weather (for which it is not intended). The JuiceBox 32 is safe to operate in the rain.
  3. An Electric Vehicle specific charging outlet is now required for a garage – so you might as well install a wallbox and do it properly installing one or more 32 amp cables for a load sharing EVSE like the JuiceBox 32.
  4. Added features such as smartphone app, charge timers, usage reports, load sharing (for when you have more than one Electric Vehicle), and Google and Amazon Alexa integration (simply speak to control your JuiceBox and check the status of your charge).
  5. Access your EVSE from anywhere in the world – allow others to charge (PlugShare) with your permission.
  6. Add a PIN for another user (and track their usage and cost).
  7. No dongles or RFID tags required – manage with the smartphone app.
  8. See your savings from owning an Electric Vehicle compared to an ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) car, using your electricity rates and type of vehicle.
  9. Future proof your installation so you can continue to use your wallbox when you upgrade your Electric Vehicle. Batteries are getting larger (which implies longer charging times) and on-board chargers getting more powerful.
  10. Enjoy saving with JuiceNet integration offering special scheduled “time of use” charging and Solar PV integration (use your excess solar to charge your Electric Vehicle).

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