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JuicePoint’s Grant Crawshay and Nick Murray attended the Drive Electric’s launch of its whitepaper 

Building an Electric Fleet:
a ‘How-to’ Guide for Businesses Considering
Transitioning to Electric Vehicles

It was great meeting people interested and working to increase EV adoption in New Zealand. 

You can read the white paper on Drive Electric’s Website

It has some great information for business and fleet operators considering transitioning their fleet to EVs. 

But buying EV’s for your fleet is only the start:

  • How and where are your staff going to charge them?
  • How are you going to allocate power usage?
  • What if employees want to charge their personal EVs?
  • How to charge EV’s at home?

JuiceBox chargers with JuiceNet integration, smart metering and load sharing can meet your charging requirements.  

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