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Do I need 3 Phase Power to Charge my EV?

No, but if you have 3 phase power it is preferable but not essential for the following reasons, speed and the number of EV’s that be charged simultaneously. (Note most houses only have single phase)

11kW or 22kW charging requires a 3-phase building electricity supply. This is increasingly becoming the nominal requirement as batteries increase in size, and vehicle chargers increase in power rating. Remember, the maximum a public rapid charger like the Tritium VeeFil will run at in New Zealand is 50 kW – so you can charge at home or business at half the speed with a Renault Zoe or Tesla if you have 3 phase power installed. The JuiceBox EVSE load sharing feature works across the JuiceBox family.

Single phase installations are limited to a maximum power rating of 32 Amps, 7.2kW. Most dwellings have a maximum grid connection of 63 Amp single phase.

The time to charge an EV is dependent on the amount of power supplied to the EVSE and the rating of the vehicle’s charger.

Note a JuiceBox 32 supports single or three phase installation. A JuiceBox 40 supports only single phase and is limited to 7.2kW.

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