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Choosing a Nissan LEAF Charger to use for Day to Day Use

Below is the wording from the Nissan LEAF owner’s manual. (Page 53 CH-6). It’s clear from this that the portable charger such as a JuiceCord which is referred to as a trickle charger is not recommended for regular use, and that is can be used when necessary to perform an emergency charge. A normal charge is with a wall charger such as a JuiceBox 40 which is a SAE J1772 compliant charging device. 

Normal charge

NISSAN recommends using normal charging for usual charging of the vehicle. Use of quick charge should be minimized in order to help prolong Li-ion battery life.

Normal charging uses an SAE J1772 compliant charging device that can be installed on a dedicated 220V/240V circuit in your home. NISSAN recommends the installation of a home charging dock by a licensed professional electrician.

Trickle charge

Trickle charging is not recommended for regular use. Trickle charge can be used when it is necessary to perform an emergency charge at a destination such as a friend’s house.

Trickle charge uses the EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) or an SAE J1772 compliant cord set to connect the vehicle to an AC 110 – 120 volt, 15A dedicated outlet. The outlet should be protected by a dedicated circuit breaker or fuse to avoid overloading the circuit or other electrical hazard.

Note in New Zealand the AC mains supply is 230V and WorkSafe guidelines require the maximum current to be 8A. 

What do the Dash Charging Lights Mean?

Please refer to the manual Here is a link to a 2012 Nissan LEAF Manual, page 79 or CH-26.

My LEAF Won’t Charge!

LEAFs have a time of use charger. Often imported LEAFs do not have the time adjusted or this feature disabled. Please see Troubleshooting for more information. 

Another common problem is that the latch on the T1 connector gets bent if it is dropped. See here for more information. 

Japanese vs UK LEAFs

LEAFs sourced from the UK have type 2 connectors. If you are unsure check what connector it has here.

Some UK LEAFs may have a 6.6kW on board charger – so can charge twice as fast off AC power as 3.3kW chargers. 

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