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Can I use an Imported Japanese Charger?

  1. The components in some Japanese EVSE chargers are only rated at 200 volts (For the Japanese domestic market) and NZ’s voltage is 2o% higher than that during peaks. This will burn out some components, and make others exceed their current rating.
  2. While a NZ domestic outlet is rated at 10 Amps, often there can be more than one plug on a circuit. This can cause the circuit to overload or trip.

Here is an example of what happens when a modified Japanese import EVSE is plugged into a domestic 10 Amp socket:




Worksafe guidelines state that plug-in chargers must be limited to 8A or 1.8kW, unless they have additional thermal protection. JuicePoint is aware that many plug-in chargers available in New Zealand do not comply with Worksafe guidelines.  

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