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Can I use a Non-Compliant EVSE?

So what happens if I charge my EV with a device that is non-compliant and there is a fire or someone is electrocuted?

After reading these Safety FAQs you are now required to make that decision. Check your insurance policy (home/business and motor vehicle) and if in doubt ring your insurer. We advise you to only use compliant EVSEs.

Also take the time to regularly inspect the charger, cables and plugs for damage. If you are unsure it is safe, please seek professional advice.

Juicepoint is aware of non-complaint products on the New Zealand market, caveat emptor.

Juicepoint’s current products meet current Worksafe guidelines.

WorkSafe also has a useful page for consumers charging at home. and a fact sheet to make sure you’re buying and using safe equipment to charge your electrical vehicle.

Buying and using the right plug at home and work for electric vehicles – Fact sheet (PDF 905 KB)

Please note retired JuicePoint products were compliant when they were sold.

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