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Can I Avoid Upgrading my Mains Connection?

Q: As upgrading my mains connection is expensive and not an option in many areas, how can I charge many EVs?

A: Use load sharing.

Electric Vehicles can charge at a minimum (according to the standard) of 6 Amps (although the Mitsubishi Outlander is lower) when controlled by a compatible EVSE. The JuiceBox and JuiceMeter incorporate “load sharing” technology to ensure that circuits are not overloaded. Also, as one vehicle reduces its charge rate (when battery balancing or nearing the end of the charge or when disconnected to be used), the others can take up the slack. For load sharing you do need wifi within range of the JuiceBox.

Please note that the maximum number of JuiceBoxes is limited by the minimum requirement of 6A each. If the JuiceBox has less than 6A, they will all prevent charging.

Alternatively JuiceBoxes can be integrated with Solar PV. If the constraint is during the day, adding Solar PV may be a more economical solution than upgrading the grid connection. Please contact us for more information. 


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