International Shipping

We can ship internationally. Please contact us so we can confirm shipping prices and delivery times. 

Australian Shipping

Yes we ship to Australia and can get good rates to the main cities. Please contact us for a quote. 

JuiceBox 32 vs JuiceBox 40

JuiceBox 32 vs JuiceBox 40 What are the differences between the JuiceBox 32 and JuiceBox 40? Feature JuiceBox 32 JuiceBox 40 Input Single Phase 32A OR Three Phase Single Phase 32A Input Cable Lead 1m 30cm – Can be rewired by electrician.  Maximum Power 7.4kW...

Charging a Nissan LEAF

Choosing a Nissan LEAF Charger to use for Day to Day Use Below is the wording from the Nissan LEAF owner’s manual. (Page 53 CH-6). It’s clear from this that the portable charger such as a JuiceCord which is referred to as a trickle charger is not recommended for...

Swapping Cables on a JuiceBox

New Zealand has standardized on the T2 connector. Some of our customers have JucieBoxes with Type 1 connectors, who have upgraded to Type 2 or want to get their BMW i3 swapped to a Type 2 connector.  JuicePoint can supply new cables with different connectors to fit...