WorkSafe EV Charging Guidelines Updated

WorkSafe has now released the 2nd Edition of the EV Charging Guidelines.  You will see that WorkSafe have updated the references to Standards, simplified the requirements, and consolidated the guide into a single document. Please download from WorkSafe’s...

EV Charger Introduction

EV Charger Introduction This article is an introduction to the different types and speeds of EV chargers as applicable to New Zealand. It will consider the different types of EVs and Chargers (EVSEs) available and relates the power to a domestic heater.   For this we...

International Shipping

We can ship internationally. Please contact us so we can confirm shipping prices and delivery times. 

Australian Shipping

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JuiceBox 32 vs JuiceBox 40

JuiceBox 32 vs JuiceBox 40 What are the differences between the JuiceBox 32 and JuiceBox 40? Feature JuiceBox 32 JuiceBox 40 Input Single Phase 32A OR Three Phase Single Phase 32A Input Cable Lead 1m 30cm – Can be rewired by electrician.  Maximum Power 7.4kW...