Dear JuiceNet customer,

Beginning on Wednesday, May 29th at 11:30 PM Pacific Time (6:30PM NZ)  the JuiceNet Dashboard will be undergoing scheduled maintenance. During this time you may experience difficulties with the JuiceNet App and Dashboard, such as initiating a charging session and managing energy use with smart charging capabilities.

To avoid interruption of charging, please plug in and schedule your charging session before 6:30 PM tomorrow night. If your EV has already been scheduled to charge before the maintenance event begins, your EV will charge normally.

Will my car still charge if the app or dashboard is down?

Your car will charge even while the app and dashboard are under maintenance if a charging session has been pre-scheduled, or if you plug in to charge with no schedule set at all.

What do I do if I have an issue? 

Please contact customer support at or +1.844.584.2329 with any questions.

Another email notification will be sent Wednesday, May 29th, several hours before the event.